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Pride Rainbow Dashing kilt

Pride Rainbow Dashing kilt

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Choose from the following options to order custom made Pride Rainbow Dashing kilt.

Pride Rainbow Dashing kilt

The Pride Rainbow Dashing Kilt is one of the best contribution to our collection. It is made up of 6 color fabric representing the rainbow colors. It comes up with a removable pocket which give you option to have the pocket or not to have it.

Moreover, if you like to get it designed in your choice then you can contact us and place a custom order for Pride Rainbow Dashing kilt. There are two leather straps on the side of the Kilt which is used for better adjustments.

One Detachable Cargo Pockets
Silver Buckle
Silver Buttons
Two Leather Straps


The Front of this Kilt represent all the colors of the rainbow in horizontal and vertical pattern. There are three chrome buttons on the front for stitching the pocket

Pocket and leather Strap

There is one detachable pocket attached with the kilt which can be attached on the front side of the pocket. The pocket comes up with Flap which let you store your stuffs.

Moreover, there are two leather straps attached with this kilt which are added for better adjustment of the Kilt.


Custom Size: Custom size (Made to Measure) tailored fitting, will have your kilt feeling comfortable all day long.
Ready Made: Standard sizes from XS to 4XL and everything in between to ensure that we can fit you no matter what’s your size.

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