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Macdonald Tartan Kilt

Macdonald Tartan Kilt

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Macdonald Tartan Kilt

Macdonald Tartan Kilt are are made from acrylic fabric that is soft and luxurious with the bulk of wool. The fabric is lightweight, springy and non allergenic. It dries quickly, draws moisture away from the body and is washable and hold great pleats. They are approximately 24 inches in length. One leather buckle on each side allows for easy adjustment. These lightweight kilts are made by quality kilt makers with many years of experience. Our kilts have knife pleats that stay sharp while having the all important full "swing". To make sure you order the correct size, take your waist measurement firmly at belly button height.


Custom Size: Custom size (Made to Measure) tailored fitting, will have your kilt feeling comfortable all day long.
Ready Made: Standard sizes from XS to 4XL and everything in between to ensure that we can fit you no matter what’s your size.

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