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Hybrid Khaki ladies kilts

Hybrid Khaki ladies kilts

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Hybrid Khaki ladies kilts

Hybrid Khaki ladies kilts/skirts is made just for the ladies and can be worn for any casual occasion or even for work. Because this Hybrid Kilt is designed and cut especially for women,

Ladies Best Khaki Fashion Kilt Skirt with four adjustable leather straps for perfect fitting to enjoy the real fitting of Kilt. Ladies Khaki Fashion Kilt is made of 16oz heavy cotton for long and tough use. Ladies Fashion Kilt comes in different color and materials with all possible customization options.

Custom Size: Custom size (Made to Measure) tailored fitting, will have your kilt feeling comfortable all day long.
Ready Made: Standard sizes from XS to 4XL and everything in between to ensure that we can fit you no matter what’s your size.

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