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Gladiator Roman Warrior Leather Kilt

Gladiator Roman Warrior Leather Kilt

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Gladiator Roman Warrior Leather Kilt

Historical Warrior Clothing now easy Available for use. We specially made for who really love the History. this is very easy to manage and Use as a skirt. this comes with 2 leather Straps with Buckle closer. Gladiator Roman Warrior Leather Kilt

ideal choice for hard working men.
this kilt have 24" drop length but can be customized in length,color and waist.

Gladiator Roman Warrior Kilt is a historically Symbol of Warrior Clothing is easily available for you. Gladiator Kilt is really made for those who love to History. The Warrior  Kilts is easy to manage and use skirt. Leather Kilt Comes with the two front straps with buckle closer which has made it very easy to wear. Gladiator Warrior Leather Kilt is available in 28" Waist to 52" Waist size with customization options.

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