we believe that women should get liberty to enjoy this traditional style of dress with just as much class and style as their male counterparts. Having this very cause, we offer a diverse selection of kilts intended solely for women that are designed to its every bit as liberating and comfortable as they are stylish. Regardless of the type of kilt you are interested in wearing, we've got you covered at our shop. We offer utility kilts that will make any workday more comfortable and efficient with the help of the loops and pockets that come attached. For those hoping to take their kilts to a stylish new level when heading out on the town, you can bring home a leather kilt that speaks to your exciting personality. You can get in touch with your Scottish side by wearing traditional tartan kilts & skirts, or combine the best of both worlds to get a tartan, utility, hybrid kilt and skirts. The choice is yours, and Dashing Kilts Shop makes it easy to decide.